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About the Decorator Appointment

What to Expect at The Decorator Appointment

Prior to the appointment:

Walk and look at existing under construction home's interiors and exteriors.

This will give a better idea of what things look like in real life and what you like and dislike.

There is a short list called "Just the Basic" that has the locations to walk homes:

At the appointment:

Do not try to make final decisions prior, it will all come together at the appointment. 

The appointment will take about 2 to 4 hours. 

There will be sample boards and a computer filled with actual home photos.  Want to see sample boards ahead of time?  There are almost complete sets at: White Horse Creek and Morris Creek.  Want to view an almost complete list of selection product options?  View the large decorator guide in step #4 (button below). (The reason the sets are not complete is new product options arrive weekly, and the decorator may have the only copy at that time).


The decorator’s job is ONLY to help you choose your colors and make sure your custom features are clearly written.  Nothing legal will be firm here nor will she take any money.  


All of your colors need to be chosen at the appointment, but you will have a few days after to commit and make changes.  

Making sure it is all correct!  At the appointment all of your choices will be written down, photographed, and proofed while you are there and copies will be given to you.  After the appointment the decorator will email you the final typed version for you to proof and approve. After you have said the decorator schedule is accurate, she will send it to the agent who will get with you to make it legal.  

The upgrades & colors you choose will not be binding or legal.  We prefer you to have time to really consider what you want, so the photos and written copy are not the legal version.  What you sign is what the final legal version will be, not the written or the photos from the appointment.  


You have about 2 days after the appointment to finalize all of your decisions, sign documents and handle any money.  The decorator will tell you if there are any really time sensitive decisions needed. 


NOTE:  The time you have to consider your upgrades & colors will be linked the stage of your home.  Any delays in your decisions may delay your closing date.   

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