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Warranty Service Request

Premier is proud to now offer home warranties through Quality Builders Warranty, one of the nation’s premier 10-year new home warranty programs since its founding in 1985.


Warranties with QBW are backed by Liberty Mutual, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.  The QBW website also offers many homeowner tools to address regular maintenance that will keep your home at its best for years.  

Determine is this is an EMERGENCY.

Not sure? Click red link on right.

After Emergency is handled, continue to step #2 to submit a formal repair request.

For non-urgent repairs, the fastest way to start the process is using the SOS system via the link on right.

Please use your address to start your repair list.  See below for TIPS about this.  

After you have filled out the online forms:

• You will get an auto-reply to confirm QBW's system received it.

• You will then get a response from QBW usually within 1 business day.

• If it is under warranty, you will get contacted by the builder to set up an appointment.

Note: After your warranted item have been approved by QBW, you will be contacted by our warranty department from 1-470-354-5935.  Monday - Friday from 9am until 5pm.  


Please not you cannot request warranty repairs from this phone number, you MUST go through the QBW website first.  QBW is the database used by our team and our subcontractors to coordinate all repairs and to monitor for extreme problem trends.  If we see a spike is warranty requests all with the same product, or subcontractor, this helps us to get ahead of the problem before it causes others issues (such as a hardwood product that is causing constant problems).

For in general details regarding your home warranty:


Call:        1-800-334-9143,

Web:       Quality Builders Warranty website here.  

TIPS on how to submit repairs:

  • Enter each issue separately, so each item can be correctly follow through 

  • Your home address should already be entered and automatically come up as a selection.  If your address does not appear, please email us at the above email.   You cannot do anything unless your home is already entered

  • Follow the prompts.  This is a very intuitive system that will lead you through this fast and easily 

  • You must enter your name, but you can add a contact person for who will be home or handling this for you

  • You will first get an auto-reply to confirm the QBW system received it

  • You will then get a response from someone from QBW usually within 1 business day 

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