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Premier is a Right Choice Certified Builder.

Jackson EMC’s Right Choice new home program offers

energy-efficient construction that meets ENERGY STAR
guidelines. These homes are typically 20 to 30% more
efficient than standard homes.  Being Right Choice home is
community specific, so please see the included features of the 
community you are interested in.


With a Right Choice home, you get:

Guaranteed energy savings

Three-year energy warranty guarantees heating and cooling energy costs will be below a specified amount each year


Guaranteed comfort

One-year comfort warranty guarantees that each room will stay within three degrees of the thermostat setting


Energy-efficient construction

Confirmed by high-tech performance testing


Jackson EMC's lowest rate

A rate designed to encourage energy efficiency. This efficiency comes from high quality construction methods and energy-saving equipment, including:

  • Effective insulation

  • High-performance windows

  • Tight construction

  • Electric heat pumps

  • ENERGY STAR lighting and appliances

Experts verify that the design of the home and its heating and cooling system meet efficiency standards. During construction, technicians inspect for proper air sealing and duct installation and pressure test the duct system. Testing with state-of-the art diagnostic equipment confirms that the finished home meets the strict energy standards.


Click here to view Right Choice's website for more details or watch the videos below taking you through the steps:


These Right Choice videos, hosted by HGTV’s Pat Simpson, guides you through the process of certifying a new home to the Right Choice standards and explains the advantages of owning a Right Choice home.



Right Choice


Pat Simpson talks about the Jackson EMC Right Choice program and its benefits. Play time: 02:10

Plan Analysis

Learn how a team of experts studies the plans of your house to ensure all construction meets Right Choice standards.

Play time: 01:18

Pre-Insulation Inspection

Pat describes what happens during a Right Choice Pre-Insulation Inspection.
Play time: 03:24

Final Inspection

Details the tests given during the Final Inspection of your Right Choice new home.
Play time: 02:01

Right Choice Warranty

Find out everything you need to know about the valuable warranty that accompanies every Right Choice home.Play time: 01:51

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